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Homeopathic resources : Case Studies

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or ME, Mrs T Age 42,

Lethargy for 15yrs. “Sleeping a lot. Told it was depression, but no effect from Prozac. Diagnosed as M.E. 6 months ago. “I feel stupefied, as if something comes over me. I want to cry.” Tension headaches. Painful joints at base of thumbs. Blurred vision. Irritable bowel syndrome, with diarrhoea and vomiting from spicy food and fruit.

Homeopathic history: Very pernickety. Very chilly. Anxiety about her family. Taking St John's Wort.

Rx: Arsenicum album 200c, 2 tablets.

6 weeks later: no waves of confusion since she took the tablets. Headaches have gone. Only occasionall blurring of vision. Less chilly. More energy. Pain in joints better. Has reduced painkillers.

Rx: arsenicum album 1M 2 tablets

1 month later: feeling good. Stopped St John's Wort. Swimming again.
5 years later: healthy, no problems

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