Homeopathic Consultations and Remedies

image of homeopathic remedyIn order to find the right remedy, a medical history is necessary. In addition, an understanding of who you are as an individual and how you are affected by your illness is important. The initial consultation usually lasts between 60 and 80 minutes for a long-standing condition.

All the information from the consultation is carefully considered, and a remedy is prescribed. This is given in tablet, pill or liquid form, as a single dose or repeatedly, depending on the strength. The remedy is allowed to act for about a month in non-acute cases, and you will be asked to note any changes that take place.

At the follow-up appointment, which lasts about half an hour, the response to the remedy is discussed. There is a wide variation in the way individuals respond to the remedies, some experiencing improvements or a curative effect shortly after taking the remedy, and others requiring more than one remedy before an effect is observed. Once there is evidence that you have started to go in the direction of cure, follow-ups are made at longer intervals.

If as a result of homeopathic treatment, your need for conventional medication is reduced, this can be discussed with your GP, and appropriate action taken.

For more information about Dr. Gabriel Blass, or to arrange a consultation, contact your nearest clinic. If you are not sure whether your specific condition is amenable to homeopathic treatment, any of the clinics can arrange for you to contact Dr. Blass to discuss this.