Dr. Gabriel Blass, Homeopath, Glasgow

image of Gabriel Blass, Homeopathic DoctorI graduated B.Sc. Honours in Pathology in 1986, and M.B. Ch.B. with Commendation, Faculty of Medicine, University of Glasgow in 1988. I practise as a homeopathic doctor in Glasgow.

I have been involved with homeopathic medicine since 1987. In addition to my clinical practice, I lecture to other doctors, homeopaths and health-care professionals, give presentations to the public, and also train students of homeopathy. I translate scientific papers for "Homeopathy" (formerly called The British Homeopathic Journal). I am a Registered Member of the Society of Homeopaths, which has a Code of Ethics, and defines academic and clinical standards for homeopathic practitioners.

As a practising homeopathic doctor, I am committed to a programme of Continuing Professional Development, as I believe that learning is a life-long process.