History of Homeopathy

portrait of Samuel HahnemannHomeopathy is a system of medical treatment which was discovered by a doctor called Samuel Hahnemann some 200 years ago. Disillusioned with the harshness of the medical treatments of his time, he quit his practice and did research. Hahnemann was translating a medical text on the effects of Peruvian bark or Cinchona, used to treat malaria, when he decided to experiment on himself by taking small amounts of Cinchona, and discovered that it produced the same kind of symptoms as those of malaria, which it was supposed to cure.

cinchona, cure for malariaThis led him to the principle that “like cures like”: (a substance can cure a disease if it has the ability to produce symptoms similar to those of the disease in a healthy person). After years of research, he made another startling discovery: he could harness the healing power of substances, even if they were harmful, by a process which he called Potentisation. This process is still used today.