“This site contains general information about the principles of homeopathy and some self help tips, as well as specific information about my clinical practice. I hope you find the information you need here, and that it contributes to improving your health.”
Dr. Gabriel Blass, Homeopathic Doctor, Glasgow.


Introduction to Homeopathy
mortarpessle2Homeopathy offers a safe and natural treatment for a wide range of acute and long-standing conditions and can benefit people of all ages. It is a holistic therapy. It considers not only physical symptoms, but also emotional and mental characteristics. As a complementary treatment, it can be used alongside conventional medicine if necessary.


Gabriel Blass, Homeopathic doctor in Glasgow
logo2I have been involved with homeopathic medicine since 1987. In addition to my clinical practice, I lecture to other doctors, homeopaths and health-care professionals, give presentations to the public, and also train students of homeopathy. I am a Registered Member of the Society of Homeopaths. I am based in Glasgow.