Homeopathic resources : First Aid

Five remedies that are useful to have at home

Homeopathic remedies are safe and can be used alongside conventional treatment. However, before taking homeopathic remedies, please read the notes on self-prescribing, for more information.


The single most important remedy for trauma and bruises.
Falls. “Black eyes” from blows. Concussion. Surgical trauma and post-surgical bruising. AFTER dental procedures, extractions. Labour and trauma of delivery. Initially after a bone fracture. Sore muscles after unaccustomed exertion or exercise.
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After sudden fear, fright or shock. Trauma when accompanied by great terror. Fear of death, with anxiety and restlessness.
At the first sign of any inflammation which develops suddenly after exposure to dry cold weather, or cold winds, e.g. “ first sneeze” after catching chill, fever, sore throat, cystitis, diarrhoea, etc.
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Useful in cuts, abrasions, or in virtually any open wound to prevent infection and speed healing. Also to prevent scarring as wound heals. In post-surgical wound infections. For cleansing an open wound you can use the diluted tincture as well.
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Wounds to areas dense in nerves - tongue, fingertips, genitals. Injuries to nerves. Crushing wounds to the extremities. Severe bites or any laceration to the tongue.
Where pain is more severe than the injury seems to warrant.
Injury to the eye, like corneal abrasions, or foreign bodies.
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Promotes new bone growth in fractures. Acts so quickly, fractures must be set before the remedy is given. Non-union of fractures. For painful fractures even if they have already healed. Specific remedy for blunt trauma to the eyeball - not the orbit.
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