Homeopathic Resources: Case Studies: Back Pain

Back Pain, Mr. A, Age 73

Tall gentleman. Upright, solidly built. Gentle and relaxed, has a strong presence. Looks younger than his age.

Chronic back trouble. Pain in the lumbar area. "Pain started suddenly after lifting a heavy barrel some 20 years ago. Something gave in my back. Severe pain across back. Pain on and off over the years, but never trouble-free. Can put my back out easily, by bending or lifting. Now seems to be getting worse. I have tried acupuncture and chiropractic without success. I get a pain when I swing my golf club. I love golf and would loath to have to give it up. Muscles on either side of the spine are very tense, especially in the morning. Makes the back feel very stiff." Walks bent to the right.

Homeopathic history: Reserved. Keeps feelings buttoned up. Prefers to be alone. Averse consolation. Angry over injustices and unfairness. He likes to do things precisely, and does not like incompetence. Slightly chilly. Can be cold at night. Catarrh and mild cough. Right nostril blocked. Poor sense of smell.

Rx: calc 200c, two tablets

1 month later: First remedy had little effect

Rx: nux-vomica 30c/2, two tablets

1 month later: marked improvement in the pain from day 1. Less aching, less stiffness, less spasms.
2 months later: improvement continued, but plateau.

Rx: nux-vomica 200c, two tablets

4 months later: further improvement, with few symptoms but some morning stiffness.

Rx: nux-vomica 1M, two tablets

8 months later: no pain. Playing 18 holes of golf regularly with no problems. No limitations