Homeopathic resources: Case Studies

#1: Crohn's Disease

See a video of highlights of the homeopathic treatment of a patient with Crohn's Disease.
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#2: Back Pain, Mr A, Age 73

Tall gentleman. Upright, solidly built. Gentle and relaxed, has a strong presence. Looks younger than his age. Chronic back trouble. Pain in the lumbar area. "Pain started suddenly after lifting a heavy barrel some 20 years ago."
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#3: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or ME, Mrs T, Age 42

Lethargy for 15yrs. "Sleeping a lot. Told it was depression, but no effect from Prozac. Diagnosed as M.E. 6 months ago. “I feel stupefied, as if something comes over me. I want to cry.”
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#4: Grief reaction and body aches, Mrs K, Age 62

Tired, body aches, especially arms and shoulders. Uses painkillers a lot: Symptoms for 11 years. Pins & needles and numbness in fingers of left hand. Left arm heavy and aching, overwhelming. Needs regular professional massage for temporary relief.
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