Homeopathic Resources: Case Studies: Grief

Grief reaction and body aches, Mrs. K, Age 62

Thin, well-dressed, avoids eye contact, nervous. Tired, body aches, especially arms and shoulders. Uses painkillers a lot: Symptoms for 11 years. Pins & needles and numbness in fingers of left hand. Left arm heavy and aching, overwhelming. Needs regular professional massage for temporary relief.

Homeopathic history:
Responsible, reliable, reserved. Talkative, but lacking in confidence. Tense in social situations. Avoids confrontation. Tends to harbour resentments. Private, weeps easily when alone, averse consolation, weeps watching sad programmes on TV. GRIEF. Holding back the tears when talking about the death of mother and brother 12 and 13 years ago. Father died when she was very small.

Warm-blooded. Worse by the sea. Uncomfortable in direct sun, wears hat. Best in the morning. Eats little often. Aversion salt. Wakes with frontal headache. Dry mouth. Menopausal flushes with profuse perspiration.

Rx: Natrium muriaticum 200c two tablets.

6 weeks later: Follow-up at 6 weeks: mild homeopathic aggravation (healing reaction) for 10 days. Now more energy. Greater capacity for exertion. Husband notices significant difference. Concentration better. Less weeping. Decrease in hot flushes. Headaches gone. Reduced painkillers.

Follow-up 10 years later (meeting by chance): Feeling well. Energy good. Pain free. No painkillers. No need for massage.